We Know The Right Way To Present Your Case To The Insurance Company

It has become popular for some TV lawyers to portray insurance companies in a bad light.  While this may make be entertaining, it does nothing to get you a great personal injury settlement.  We know what gets great settlements because for many years we represented some of the biggest insurance companies doing business in Wisconsin.  We know what makes insurance companies pay top dollar for your injury case.  We also know what many lawyers do that actually hurts their client’s case and almost guarantees that their client will never receive the best settlement for their case.

If you were being audited by the IRS, you would want a former IRS agent to represent you.  You would be confident that someone who once worked for the IRS, and who is still respected by the IRS, is going to get you the best result.  The same is true with your injury case.  Insurance companies respect us and they know we are good at what we now do – representing Wisconsin injury victims.

We have taken all that experience and now put it to work representing Wisconsin accident victims.  We will present your case to the insurance company in a professional, authoritative and respectful way.  We know this is what works.  Experience and knowledge, combined with mutual respect, is what gets our clients top dollar for their personal injury case.  Just like you and I, insurance companies are more likely to work well with an attorney they respect and have a positive relationship with rather than an attorney who is confrontational and with whom they have had a negative past experience.

Here is what both our client and the insurance company said about us in the same case.


“Mark Mingo was able to procure a settlement over 18 times what the insurance company offered to settle our injury claim, and we were able to resolve our claim through mediation rather than having to endure a trial. After my experience dealing with the insurance company for almost 3 years my advice is to at least consult with Mark about your case and as soon as possible after the incident occurs.” —Stephen and JoAnn P.


“Mark, you are truly a class act. Glad we were able to get this one done. Take care.”  —Mark K.

If you would like to have all of our knowledge and experience working for you on your injury case, please give us a call at 414-273-7400 or use our Contact Form.  We would love to speak with you about your injury case.  It would be our privilege to represent you.  Insurance companies know and respect us and that goes a long way in getting you a great personal injury settlement.