Client Reviews

“He was the right man for the job, kept me informed on his progress, picked up the ball ran with it. If I ever need legal help, he’s the man I will call. Thank you Mark J. Mingo,you made a friend,super job,superman.”

Emmitt - Milwaukee, WI

“Mark became a friend by the end of his work with my family. He worked in our best interests throughout the entire process. We would use him again for legal work of this kind or other matters.”

Stephen - Milwaukee, WI

“Working with Attorney Mingo it is immediately obvious that he is extremely competent and knowledgeable in his profession. Not once did he give me reason to question his expertise or his ability to successfully represent me in my personal injury case. He is quick to reply to questions, is very straightforward in his answers, and will guide you through each part of the process, advising you along the way.

Unlike TV commercial lawyers, he won’t promise you the moon or give you unreasonable expectations that no one can deliver. At the same time, he won’t rush to settle, and is determined to work towards achieving the best possible result.

“Legal matters are often a lengthy and complicated affair, and it is because of this that you need a smart, qualified, and determined attorney representing you. This why I fully recommend Attorney Mark Mingo.”

Kurt - Burlington, WI

“Mark is very honest and caring lawyer, I would recommend him to anybody.  He keeps you informed on your case.  If you leave him a message he will return your call. I’ve had Mark as a lawyer since 2008 and I would recommend keeping him forever.”

John - Germantown, WI

“Itruly enjoyed working with Mark Mingo. “He is straight forward, honest and professional. Mr. Mingo went above and beyond keeping me informed and helping me understand the process of my case.  I would recommend Mark Mingo to my friends and family.”

Cheryl - Neekosa, WI

“As a client of Mark Mingo I can not say enough of how Professional and thorough he is as an attorney. Mark and his team go into representing a client 110%. I received a settlement of over $1,000,000 dollars because I followed their advice and trusted them to the end. As far as my wife and I are concerned there is no other firm in Wisconsin that I would recommend! So if you need representation for any problems you can’t handle all I can say is to contact Mark Mingo !!! :-)”

David - Franksville, WI

“Soon after a serious bodily harm caused to me by a neighbor, I seek the legal advice of Attorney Mark Mingo. Mark not only had patience with my situation he follow through until I made the decision to file a civil law suit. I provided all the information his office needed to go forward. During the deposition the attorney will a sure me that everything was “ok” due to my emotional distress on having to restate the incident. The paralegal will contact me as soon as she received any notification of my case. In less than 10 months the case was settled.”

Aldira - Milwaukee, WI

“Mark Mingo was able to procure a settlement over 18 times what the insurance company offered to settle our injury claim, and we were able to resolve our claim through mediation rather than having to endure a trial. After my experience with dealing the insurance company for almost 3 years my advice is to at least consult with Mark about your case and as soon as possible after the incident occurs.”

Stephen and JoAnn - Muskego, WI

“I did not pick Mark Mingo, he was decided to be my lawyer through my insurance company, American Family. At first I was a little hesitant because I had never met the guy and figured he probably wouldn’t care much about my case, not being my lawyer. As the trial came I realized how lucky I was to be placed with Mr. Mingo. He is a controlled pit bull. He knows when to be tough but not in a disrespectful way. He seemed to be a lawyer that actually valued the integrity of law but knew how to handle those who resorted to manipulation.”

 I was sincerely happy with him overall as a lawyer and, god forbid I ever need one again, would hope to have him represent me in court again. My lawsuit ended up with the verdict that the plaintiff was 100% liable and rewarded 0$ (meaning I couldn’t have won more convincingly).


That being said the entire firm of Mingo & Yankala seemed thoroughly professional. I only met Mr. Yankala one or two times but he seemed equally professional along with their very nice and helpful paralegal (I’m assuming, hope I’m not wrong) Mrs. Kempfer.

Overall, Mingo & Yankala was a great stroke of luck for me in my lawsuit and cannot recommend them enough if you get in trouble in the Milwaukee area. He knows the law, knows the system, can be tough when he thinks it’s necessary but can restrain himself when it seems to be a better course of action.”

Benjamin - Madison, WI

“Last year I was injured in a car accident and did not know who to turn to. I called Attorney Mark Mingo from the law firm of Mingo & Yankala, S.C. He took care of everything and kept me informed throughout the entire process. In addition to being extremely experienced and skilled, he looked out for my best interests.”

Personal Injury Client

“Mr. Mingo listened to me and really cared about what I was saying. I was so worried about my accident, but he made all my worries melt away. I felt like God sent me a personal caregiver. He sent me letters and kept me informed. As soon as my accident was settled, a letter was in the mail. He is a very caring person, not just a lawyer. I will be forever grateful to him. I cannot ever repay him for his kindness. I would go to him again if I was ever in trouble again. Thank you Mr. Mingo.”

Mary - Milwaukee, WI

“Although my case was not a large lawsuit, I never felt that it wasn’t so with Attorney Mark Mingo.
The entire staff was nothing less than top notch,attentive,professional,responsive,and just nice and friendly. Initially I was unsure whether or not to seek legal help. .I didn’t know what to expect,or how to proceed the correct way. My decision to have Mark work out a settlement on my behalf (not a lawsuit) was more than I could certainly do on my own. This firm had my best interests from the start,along with a straight forward,assertive,winning approach. Just what you should expect! With my very positive experience with Attorney Mark Mingo, I certainly recommend him to anyone who may be in need of legal representation,or just considering such.”

Jim K. – New Berlin, WI

“Automobile accidents can be scary and confusing! Having someone who could answer my questions knowledgeably and address my concerns was such a comfort. Though my injuries were not severe, navigating the insurance companies and medical bills was difficult and being able to place it in the hands of someone far more capable than I was a huge blessing!”

Heidi – Waterford, WI

“Mark Mingo represented me as a result of a personal injury that I sustained during an automobile accident. Throughout the case I found him to be thorough, knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy. It became obvious very early that he was committed to a successful outcome for me. Mark would advise me of potential actions to be taken or make recommendations, ensure my understanding and gain agreement and then deliver on what was agreed upon – EVERY TIME! In the end, I know that I was treated fairly throughout the settlement process and well compensated for my injury and suffering. I am confident that this would not have happened without his involvement and hard work on my behalf. Mark is respectful & honest and I appreciated his efforts in ensuring that I was treated fairly. If I ever have another need for legal services he is the attorney that I will call. Thank you Mark!


“Turning to Mingo &Yankala after a personal injury accident was the best decision I made. Mark and Kim were dedicated to keeping me informed during the process and worked endlessly to ensure I reached an acceptable settlement. I felt they had my best interest in mind from start to finish. I highly recommend!”

Destiny S.

“Mark Mingo and his staff were so helpful, compassionate and thorough. I had no idea what to do after my accident and after speaking with Mark, hiring him and his team to represent me was the right decision. I can’t thank him and Kim enough for all that they did for me. If you need a personal injury lawyer, look no further than Mark Mingo and his staff. They are amazing.”

Kelli R.

“Mr Mingo is thorough and professional when he meets with his clients. He prioritizes the individual circumstances and takes it from there. Kim is pleasant and displays attentiveness as well as unbelievable communication regarding individual cases. I will continue to recommend their services to friends 😊 and families.”

Ana V.

“Mark is an amazing Lawyer – Motorcycle accident. First I need to say Mark and his staff are awesome people to work with.There have been several times my family and friends have worked with Mark and the outcome always the same great to work with, Mark and staff keep you up dated and help you every step of the way. For my motorcycle accident it went very well. Mark listened to me and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Kim, Marks paralegal is also amazing to work with, very on top of everything and kept me informed as well. Mark has a great team and we will always call Mark when needed. I cannot say enough about Mark, he is a great lawyer and a human being.”

Janie M.E.

“Attorney Mark Mingo at Mingo &Yankala is one of the most responsive and honest attorney I’ve ever known. I have used him in decisions to pursue my past case and my husband’s recent case. Their office is extremely efficient and his return calls are immediate. He is highly respected in his field, as well as his experience and compassion for his clients. I have known Attorney Mingo for quite a few years, and when we need an experienced attorney, I have always called Mark Mingo at Mingo &Yankala.”

Dawn C.

“I was recommended to Mark by a friend. Mark was reassuring and confident in taking my case. I was so extremely happy with the outcome of my case, mark did exactly what he said he was gonna do. Mark and his staff are always very friendly and always there to answer questions and help you understand the process. Very highly recommend using him and if I ever need an attorney again I will absolutely not hesitate to call him again. So glad I was recommended to him. Thank you again Mark and team!!!!!!!”

Scott W.

“Attorney Mark Mingo and his staff are top notch, caring, and compassionate people. If you ever find yourself in such a circumstance where you or someone you know ever needs a personal injury/accident attorney this is the law firm you want on your side..”

Ashley E.

“Mark is an excellent attorney, and has been helping my mom through an awful accident. She has felt incredibly at ease with the whole situation whenever she talks to him. Kim is so pleasant and nice, and it’s very reassuring to an anxious client..”

Kristen H-B.

“I reached out to Mr. Mingo regarding my car accident. I cannot say enough great things about Mr. Mingo and his paralegal Kim. They always kept me in the loop, were accomodating, walked me step by step through everything and all the paperwork. I was able to focus on my recovery and doctors appointment. Mr. Mingo was able to settle my case after 3 long years. Him and Kim went above and beyond. I cannot recommend them enough! 10/10 law firm!”

Crystal D.

“The best attorney in town — hands down ! !
Mark represented me in several complex personal litigation cases over a period of 12 years. He is definitely one of the hardest working and knowledgeable a
ttorneys I have ever known. He is extremely bright, always prepared, and the most dedicated attorney there is. His skills at negotiating during mediation or settlement are unsurpassed. His dedication to your case is equal to the dedication he would exact of himself if he were representing his best friend. If he is representing you, and not the other party — you are lucky, or you chose well. — Mark, Thank You for all that you did for us !”

Daniel G.

“Working with Attorney Mingo it is immediately obvious that he is extremely competent and knowledgeable in his profession. Not once did he give me reason to question his expertise or his ability to successfully represent me in my personal injury case. He is quick to reply to questions, is very straightforward in his answers, and will guide you through each part of the process, advising you along the way. At the same time, he is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable discussing your case.

Unlike what you see on commercials, he won’t promise you the moon or give you unreasonable expectations that no one can deliver. Neither will he rush to settle. He is determined to work towards achieving the best possible result. This was my first legal experience and I had no idea what to expect. Mr. Mingo answered all of my questions and made me feel confident about the process.

Legal matters are often a lengthy and complicated process, and it is because of this that you need an experienced, qualified, and determined attorney representing you. This why I fully recommend Attorney Mark Mingo.”

Kurt L.

“Hired Mark months after a car accident and my health insurance refused to pay my medical bills. Mark took my case, contacted the health insurer and got them to cover the bills, taking the huge expense off my family’s shoulders. Mark is a very knowledgeable lawyer with lots of experience. He handled every aspect of my case and gave proper legal advice on how to proceed as the case developed. Everything he advised me to do really helped the outcome of the case. I would recommend him to anyone I know who is in need of an attorney. Thank you for your help.”

David L.

“Excellent law firm! I had a great experience with Attorney Mingo. He was very thorough, easy to work with, caring and made me feel like I was a priority. I would highly recommend Mark Mingo to anyone seeking a personal injury attorney.”

Kimberly K.

“As a practicing attorney for 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work with and refer numerous clients to Mark. As a former President of the State Bar of Wisconsin, I believe Mark is the best litigation attorney that I have encountered. As a former Supreme Court Referee appointed to resolve ethics issues, I can say without reservation that Mark exhibits the highest standards of ethical behavior in representing his clients.”

James B.

“Mark handled my defense case in a personal injury lawsuit. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area. Throughout the process he clearly explained step by step what his approach would be and how he was going to handle my case. He was very patient with me and I felt very much at ease knowing that with his incredible amount of experience he would be able to handle my case that would produce a positive outcome. I was extremely pleased with Mark. I truly believe that without his help the end result of this case would have been much different. Frankly, I was able to sleep better at night knowing Mark was defending my case.”

Benedetta B.

“I’ve had a great experience with Mark Mingo and his team. Thorough, responsive, thoughtful, with an immense understanding of the complications of my case against an insurance giant. I highly and confidently recommend!”

Laura M.