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Every year, there are thousands of collisions involving large commercial trucks. While these collisions occur for a variety of reasons, many are the result of drugged and overworked drivers. When a truck driver’s reaction time is delayed or their judgement is impaired by drugs, the consequences can turn tragic.

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What Are the Dangers of Truck Drivers on Drugs in Milwaukee?

The American Addiction Centers have released troubling statistics on truck drivers on drugs. According to the study:

  • 30 percent of truck drivers admittedly take amphetamines while on the road.
  • 50 percent admitted to drinking while driving, though only 12.5 percent tested positive for alcohol.
  • Three percent confessed to using cocaine regularly.

The most common side effects of cocaine and amphetamines are hypertension, hallucinations, and dependence. The study also found that most truck drivers on drugs were young and new in the industry. Young drivers are often given longer routes with overnight driving. Many young drivers admitted to taking drugs to keep up with demanding schedules.

Why Have Milwaukee Drugged Truck Driver Attorneys Represent Your Claim

Truck accident claims can be much more complex than typical car accident claims, especially when they potentially involve drugged drivers. The trucking industry is governed by rules and regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In addition, most truck drivers work for a trucking company or larger corporate entity. When a drug impaired driver causes a collision, they are nearly always going to be legally responsible for the injuries that they cause. However, drivers may face criminal penalties as well. If they are taking drugs as a result of being overworked, ordered to drive too long, or some other work related factor, it can add other penalties and issues for the company they drive for.

Still, a personal injury claim will typically be filed with the company’s insurance carrier, not the driver. A commercial trucking company will often have a team of lawyers ready to minimize any settlement offers.

You need a Milwaukee drugged truck driver attorney with a comprehensive knowledge of trucking regulations and exceptional litigation skills. Our commercial truck accident attorneys have the experience and skills you need to recover the damages you are owed.

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