Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Wisconsin

According to the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there were 115,694 motor vehicle crashes in Wisconsin in 2020. These collisions resulted in 593 deaths and injuries to 32,373. But what caused these accidents? Below, we dive into the details about what the most common causes of car accidents in Wisconsin are. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident in Wisconsin, do not hesitate to contact us online for immediate assistance. Mingo & Yankala, S.C. is standing by, ready to assist you.

Alcohol Impairment

Due to lax laws on drunk driving and the high number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities that occur each year, Wisconsin ranks in the top five most dangerous states for drunk driving accidents. Alcohol is the single greatest cause of death on Wisconsin roads. According to the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there were 6,050 alcohol-related crashes in 2020. These crashes resulted in:

  • 167 fatalities
  • 3,120 injuries
  • 752 serious injuries

Drug Impairment

Unfortunately, alcohol is not the only intoxicating substance that Wisconsin motorists have to worry about. Drug-related crashes totaled 2,250 in 2020, resulting in 80 fatalities, 1,412 injuries, and 294 serious injuries.

Hit-and-Run Crashes

In 2020, there were a staggering 18,480 hit-and-run crashes that occurred in Wisconsin. Motorists involved in hit-and-run crashes often leave the scene because they know they have committed a crime or are trying to escape police because they:

  • Are intoxicated
  • Are under the influence of drugs
  • Are driving without insurance
  • Have a warrant out for their arrest
  • Are currently involved in the commission of a crime or escape

Hit-and-run crashes in Wisconsin claimed the lives of 27 people and caused injuries to 2,588 people and serious injuries to 233 people in 2020. When a careless driver leaves the scene of an accident, the victims may be vulnerable to additional accidents or may not receive the timely medical treatment they need to survive.


Linked to 15,995 traffic accidents in Wisconsin in 2020, speeding is a leading cause of accidents. Speeding is an especially dangerous driving behavior because:

  • Drivers are more likely to lose control of their vehicle when speeding
  • Speeding drivers have less time and distance to avoid a hazard once they recognize it
  • The force of impact is greater at higher speeds, which results in more serious injuries
  • Safety equipment is not as effective at higher speeds

Speeding accidents in 2020 across Wisconsin resulted in 194 traffic deaths, 6,826 injuries, and 1,030 serious injuries.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving continues to be a problem in Wisconsin and across the country. In Brown County alone, it was estimated that distracted driving contributed to 24% of fatal or injury-causing crashes.

Dangerous Roads

Not all accidents are due to driver carelessness. According to Consumer Affairs, Wisconsin has the third-worst roads in the nation. A recent infrastructure report showed nearly 2,000 miles of highway and 200 bridges in poor condition, resulting in a grade of D+ for the roads.

Notable Types of Car Accidents in Wisconsin

Some common types of traffic accidents in Wisconsin include:

  • 1,805 construction zone crashes
  • 342 school bus crashes
  • 16,547 deer crashes
  • 5,921 commercial truck accidents
  • 2,104 motorcycle accidents

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