Proving Invisible Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

Collecting compensation for the costs and damages associated with your injuries requires the proper evidence. While some injuries are obvious like broken bones and scrapes and bruises, other internal injuries can be invisible to the naked eye. You can only collect compensation for damages that you can prove with evidence, and invisible injuries often require follow-up opinions from medical experts to identify.

In this article, we will explore a few common invisible injuries that are experienced in personal injury cases such as slip and falls and motor vehicle collisions.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Cannot Be Seen But Are Life-Altering

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can be caused by many different types of accidents.  Often TBIs occur when there is a blow to the head followed by a brief period of loss of consciousness.  However, TBIs can be caused by an accident where there is no direct blow to the head and no loss of consciousness.  For example, a car accident where the victim’s head is thrust forward and backward, or from side to side, may result in a brain injury even where there is no loss of consciousness or the victim does not remember if there was a loss of consciousness.

Some common signs that you may have sustained a TBI in an accident include headaches, difficulty focusing and concentrating, memory loss, irritability and a loss of motivation to complete daily activities.  Close friends and family members may notice a change in your personality if you sustained a TBI.

If you suffer a blow to the head following an accident or experience any of the symptoms outlined in this article, you should immediately see a medical doctor.  Your primary care doctor can refer you to a specialist, often a neuropsychologist, who can both test for and treat traumatic brain injuries.  Your personal injury attorney will work closely with your medical professionals to prove the full extent of your injuries and obtain the full compensation you are entitled to.  This can include past and future medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of income.

Back Injuries and Nerve Damage Can Worsen Over Time

When a motor vehicle collides with another vehicle, you may sustain a back injury as well as nerve damage. Back injuries are common from the sudden jolt that your body experiences in a car accident and can lead to pain and limitation of your movement.  Sometimes back injuries can be detected on x-ray or on an MRI scan.  Other injuries, often referred to as soft-tissue injuries, cannot be detected on x-ray or MRI scan but can severely impact your daily life.  A good medical doctor will be able to diagnose your back injury even when the injury does not show up on an x-ray or MRI scan.

Your injuries from an accident must be supported by a medical or other expert opinion in order to obtain the compensation you deserve.  We work closely with your doctors to obtain all documentation necessary to support your case.

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