How is Liability Determined in a Milwaukee Multi-Car Accident?

Multi-car accidents can be confusing for personal injury sufferers. Will one party or multiple parties bear the cost of your medical bills and property loss? What if you were partially responsible for another driver’s injuries?

Drivers and insurance companies rarely admit liability for a multi-car accident. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to prove the accident was not your fault. This is where the help of an experienced Milwaukee car accident attorney is invaluable.

Liability in a Multi-Car Accident

A Thorough Multi-Car Accident Investigation

An experienced Milwaukee car accident attorney will protect you from insurance company attempts to deny your claim, blame you for the accident, or pay you an insufficient amount to cover your losses. They will do this by thoroughly investigating your car accident and accounting for any resulting monetary damages.

An attorney investigation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing police reports;
  • Taking photos and videos of the site;
  • Taking photos of property damage;
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses;
  • Retaining necessary experts and accident reconstructionists;
  • Gathering and reviewing your medical records; and
  • Assessing your lost wages and benefits.

These actions reinforce your claim and ensure you receive a fair and appropriate damages amount for any accident-related losses.

Preserving Your Legal Claim After a Milwaukee Multi-Car Accident

There are ways to help preserve any future legal claim following a Milwaukee multi-car accident. Following these steps can assist your attorney in providing the best possible claim results:

  • Immediately call for police and medical assistance;
  • Accept medical treatment and attend follow-up care;
  • Take photos of the scene and damage, if possible;
  • Gather witness names, addresses, and phone numbers, if possible;
  • Gather other drivers’ names, addresses, and phone numbers, if possible; and
  • Ask the responding officer for a business card and when you may get a copy of the report.

Do not:

  • Make any recorded statements to or sign any settlement documents from an insurance company before speaking with an attorney;
  • Post anything about the accident on social media;
  • Apologize to anyone for the accident; or
  • Delay in contacting an experienced car accident attorney.

Protecting your legal rights and remaining free of fault is essential in claims where more than one driver may be responsible for accident-related injuries. This is especially true in Wisconsin which follows the rule of comparative negligence.

Comparative Negligence and Milwaukee Multi-Car Accidents

Wisconsin follows a comparative negligence system. This means parties who are partially at-fault for an accident can still receive monetary damages for their injuries.

Under Wisconsin’s system, each party to an accident is assigned a percentage of fault. This percentage may be anywhere from 0-100%. So long as a party’s assigned fault is less than 51%, they may be compensated for their injuries.

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