Can You Turn Left at a Red Light in Wisconsin?

Unlike some states, Wisconsin allows motorists to make left turns on red under certain circumstances. Left turns are permitted on red after a complete stop when turning from a one-way street onto a one-way street.

As with any other turn made at a red light, drivers must stop and yield the right of way to any oncoming pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles using the intersection.

Can You Turn Left at a Red Light_

What About Right Turns at a Red Light in Wisconsin?

Drivers in Wisconsin can make right turns at red lights in Wisconsin with some exceptions. The driver must come to a complete stop, proceed with caution, and use any right-of-way rules for traffic and crosswalks. 

Before proceeding to make a right turn on red, a driver must ensure there is no sign restricting right turns on red. Otherwise, they may be ticketed and fined by a police officer which may result in points on their driver’s license. 

What are the Rules for Flashing Red Lights in Wisconsin?

Drivers must come to a complete stop before reaching the limit line of a flashing red light in Wisconsin. Flashing red lights are treated like solid red lights in that right-of-way rules apply and crosswalks are given priority.

Are There Special Rules for Yellow Lights in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, drivers can be ticketed for crossing the limit line while a light is yellow. Drivers are required to stop at yellow lights in Wisconsin unless they are so close to the intersection that stopping would be dangerous.

Exceptions for Bicyclists, Mopeds, and Motorcycles

Traffic signals with sensors may not trigger for bicyclists, mopeds, and motorcycles due to their light weight. Therefore, Wisconsin allows these vehicles to pass through red lights after:

  • Stopping for a minimum of 45 seconds; 
  • Proceeding with caution; and 
  • Yielding the right of way to others in the intersection and crosswalk.

These procedures do not apply for full-size motor vehicles.

What are Wisconsin’s Penalties for Stop Light Violations?

Wisconsin’s penalties for stop light and stop sign violations depend upon the number of times a driver has violated the stop light laws and within what period of time.

For example, a first offense within a year is subject to a $20 to $40 fine, and a second or subsequent conviction within a year carries a $50 to $100 fine. In addition, a stop light or stop light conviction counts as three demerits on a driver’s record. 

Drivers may reduce their demerits by completing a traffic safety course. However, an excess of points can result in driver’s license suspension. 

Driver’s who cause accidents, injuries, or fatalities when running signals may face criminal charges that carry jail or prison time, steep criminal fines, and court costs. Speeders forfeit any right-of-way they would have otherwise had in Wisconsin and are responsible for any resulting accident. 

Reckless and negligent drivers also subject themselves to civil liability through personal injury claims when they injure innocent parties by their actions. 

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