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Was Fortunate To Find Mark Mingo

I sustained a disabling injury while staying at a Wisconsin hotel. I wasn't considering a legal remedy. Instead, I was trying to represent myself with the insurance company. Mistake! It became clear that I was in over my head, because all I was getting from the insurance adjusters was delay, diversion of blame onto others and frustration. In searching for a personal injury attorney on the Internet, I found Mark Mingo whose firm is in Milwaukee. I got very lucky! I highly recommend Mark to you. He is very professional with years of experience in both negotiation and litigation. Mark has worked both sides of personal injury law. He has defended insurance companies and sued them. He knows the legal landscape and has a working knowledge of many opposing lawyers and trial judges in Wisconsin. I was able to understand the legal process because Mark explained it well as i went through it. You can find his firm on the Internet listed as Mingo & Yankala S.C. If your case has merit and Mark is your attorney, I believe that you too will give Mark your strong endorsement.

– Robert N.