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I am pleased to highly recommend, Mark J Mingo.

I am pleased to highly recommend, Mark J Mingo. After a serious auto accident, during which I was hit by an unlicensed, uninsured and soon to be a bankrupt driver, I chose to consult Mark Mingo and hired him to handle my case. Mark was very helpful, understanding, conscientious and very easy to work with. My injury turned out to be more serious than I or doctors had at first realized and Mark did an excellent job understanding the intricate and obscure medical issues involved and advising me on the case. We were scheduled for trial but went through a mediation process first. I received far more money than I had first expected. Money does not heal permanent disability but in the end, I feel that the settlement was fair to both sides. After the settlement, Mark promptly sent me my share of the funds and then continued to work on the details of my case and cleared up all lingering issues with other medical insurers and bills and then sent those additional funds. I greatly appreciate his counsel, help, and efforts on my behalf.

– John W.