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Couldn't have been happier with the lawfirm Mingo & Yankala!

I did not pick Mark Mingo, he was decided to be my lawyer through my insurance company, American Family. At first, I was a little hesitant because I had never met the guy and figured he probably wouldn't care much about my case, not being my lawyer. As the trial came I realized how luck I was to be placed with Mr. Mingo. He is a controlled pit bull. He knows when to be tough but not in a disrespectful way. He seemed to be a lawyer that actually valued the integrity of law but knew how to handle those who resorted to manipulation. I was sincerely happy with him overall as a lawyer and, god forbid I ever need one again, would hope to have him represent me in court again. My lawsuit ended up with the verdict that the plaintiff was 100% liable and rewarded 0$ (meaning I couldn't have won more convincingly). That being said the entire firm of Mingo & Yankala seemed thoroughly professional. I only met Mr. Yankala one or two times but he seemed equally professional along with their very nice and helpful paralegal (I'm assuming, hope I'm not wrong) Mrs. Kempfer. Overall, Mingo & Yankala was a great stroke of luck for me in my lawsuit and cannot recommend them enough if you get in trouble in the Milwaukee area. He knows the law, knows the system, can be tough when he thinks its necessary but can restrain himself when it seems to be a better course of action.

– Benjamin H.